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Introduction – Jon Renaut

You won’t find me in the contact page. Liz is my little sister, and I’m mostly just tech support. But she’s also my health adviser. When I have a question about food, she’s one of the first people I ask. When I had a stubborn pain in the ball of my foot that threatened to keep me off my bike, she fixed it in under five minutes.

It can be intimidating to talk to Liz about food. She puts all of herself into everything she does, and feeding her family is no exception. But two things make it a lot easier. First, she understands that you can’t change everything all at once. Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare a perfect meal. But with some good fundamentals, you can know how to choose the right shortcuts so you can deal with real life without sacrificing your health. And second, I know that the things she tells me to do aren’t just things she’s read about somewhere, but are things she does in her own kitchen, for her own family.

So I’ll be here, keeping the website running and helping her with the software side of the business, and taking advantage of all her health knowledge.